It’s about that time… *sigh*

There was a tradition we had back in the 1980s, when I was in high school and college: about this time of year, before everyone left town for school, we would have a great big sendoff. This took place on the sandbar in the middle of the Missouri River, beneath the cliffs of the Double Ditch Indian Village. We’d walk down a crazy path like the one you see in this photo, be shuttled across the water to the sandbar by pontoon boat, and there the festivities would take place.

We’d have a generator and a sound system, volleyball nets and footballs and frisbees, bonfires, and would enjoy one last night of fun with everybody. Double Ditch Loop, which actually used to BE a loop through the park area, would be packed with cars. It was a really good time. I’d take a six-pack of Mountain Dew and go out there with my friends, most of whom live out of state now. I bet they all remember hot summer nights on the sandbar, though!

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