This happens more often than you’d think

I was on my way to a specific photo target when I encountered this cool looking barn. It has a rather prominent cupola, which is what really caught my eye. I had to stop and take a quick look.

These tend to serve as ventilation for barns, although on many of the old barns I photograph they’re boarded up. I bet it was pretty cool in its heyday. I wonder how many kids peeked out over the years?

Another view, since I had such amazing clouds to work with. Clear sky to the southeast, puffy clouds to the northeast. Great sun and a beautiful day in general. Good “pitcher-takin'” weather, if you ask me.

Ah, yes…and then there’s stuff like this. Mundane to most, but for city kids trying to be artistic this stuff is like a light bulb to a moth. I tried a few angles of this, but I liked the shadow from this perspective the best.

After a few minutes here, I moved on to my intended photo target. If I remember correctly, that target had been torn down before I arrived, but thanks to this barn I did not come away empty-handed.

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