School’s out…forever

I hope you read that title in Alice Cooper’s voice. I was going through some photos from 2022 recently, looking for a selfie I took in a Blackhawk helicopter, when I came across this one. I don’t believe I’d posted it before! By the way, this was an iPhone photo…not something I typically do on this blog. But the cameras in those things are getting so darn good – especially on my 15 Pro.

I actually came across the GPS waypoint for this little school, nestled in the far northwestern corner of our state, a day or two ago while looking for something else as well. I guess it was destined to get my attention!

I remember the moment I took this photo. First, it was drizzling. Second, I was near the intersection of the borders with both Montana and Canada. In fact, I believe my phone was roaming just like I was! I got one of those “you’re now in Canada” roaming messages on it. And third, it was a fantastic find. I even noted that in my map when I marked the waypoint for it. I’m glad I had the chance to post it!

One of my favorite Fallen Farms

I spotted this gem of a barn on the way back from a speech competition in northwestern North Dakota. My boy had performed quite well, so it was a Proud Dad moment. My eyes are always scanning while driving, a trait which has kept me alive through many years of motorcycling and motorcycle racing, and naturally that translates well to my photography hobby. Well, an inattentive eye would have missed this scene. Thankfully, being alert paid off: I pulled over, grabbed my gear from the trunk, bolted to the best vantage point, and got the shot.

This old farm

A friend actually posted a photo of this farm, taken from the road, a while back, and I was astonished that I hadn’t seen it before given its proximity to my property. So, the next Saturday morning I had available I bolted over to take a look. I had a new set of tires on my truck and was eager to see if they performed better on snow, ice, or even mud than my last ones (let’s face it, they couldn’t do worse), and I hadn’t been out on a photography jaunt in far too long.

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