Back when snow was AWESOME

Although born a North Dakotan, I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. I love snow as much as I love the mountains themselves. So when I found a couple little pockets of snow at over 10,000 feet elevation this summer, I was delighted. And yeah, I made snowballs. It was a blast.

Like I said, I had to hike quite a ways and to quite an altitude to find snow that late in the year, even in the mountains, due to the past couple of dry years…but it was definitely a mission accomplished.

Now? I’ve actually had enough snow for a while. It’s piled high and deep on all sides of my driveway, and I have some pretty good drifting across my property. I spent plenty of time staying ahead of this week’s storms, clearing the areas I need to clear in between waves of snow so it’s more manageable. But yeah, I’ve had enough fun for now. A White Christmas is guaranteed. Hopefully we can save any future significant snowfall for my next snowboarding trip!

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