This old barn

This enormous barn sits atop a hill in picturesque fashion, and I’m delighted to share it with you. This was part of a recent photo jaunt in which I experienced some unique conditions and spectacular timing, and I’m making the most of it.

I love the grandeur of these old structures, and think of the craftsmanship which went into their construction. Naturally there’s a certain melancholy in studying a barn like this, seeing its state of disrepair, and thinking about all the memories made here. It’s easy to grow wistful while searching out and documenting old farmsteads, which I suppose is why I have so many fellow travelers in the photo hobbyist realm.

This is part of the farmstead I referenced in my previous post, and it was part of one of the most impressive places I’ve seen. It was a privilege to experience it, and likewise to share it with you.

Those of you who have read or followed this blog for a long time know of my penchant for photographing old windmills. Well, this location has one. Its blades are long gone, but otherwise it stands. Bonus!

The haze came and went that day, but thankfully it wasn’t until I was finished and heading home that it got too thick to continue. I hope I can find more photo locations as spectacular as this one! In fact, I’m not exactly finished posting from this location. Stay tuned…

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