This old house

This is a grand old house, and I can’t begin to imagine the memories made therein. It’s seen its better days, unfortunately, but thankfully we can still appreciate its beauty. It seems that average houses are so much larger now than before, which makes this home even more impressive.

As wistful as a guy gets when capturing images of places like this, it’s also exciting to do so. So many of the places I’ve photographed over the years are gone, and it’s an honor to be able to discover them and preserve memories of them digitally before they disappear forever.

Once again, many thanks go to my friend who pointed out this fantastic Fallen Farm. I don’t live all that far away, and I’ve driven nearby before, but I’ve never actually driven past that I can recall. Fortunately I was able to check it out! And it happened at a time when I really, really needed to get out roaming. It’s been far too long, and the inability to explore and create has taken a toll on me. Hopefully I can roam some more in the future, and of course I’ll continue sharing the rewards for my roaming with you here.

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