Some assembly required

I was looking for something else when I discovered this pleasant surprise: a 1946 International Harvester KB-1 farm truck…or at least some parts thereof, plus some other goodies which may or not be related.

Why do I feel confident in being so specific about the identification of this model? There’s no chrome on the grille, for one. Otherwise, the distinctive features of this truck speak for themselves.

How it came to be dismembered is a total mystery. It’s pretty cool, though, and that paint has held up for a long, long time. It isn’t, however, impervious to bullet holes.

Just exactly how these parts all went together – or whether all this steel even belongs to the truck – isn’t readily apparent, but I’m sure a little pixel-peeping would prove profitable. (I didn’t mean to turn so alliterative there.) It was a really neat surprise to discover, and I’m glad I had the snow to highlight the pieces of this agricultural relic. It was fun trying to identify it, too! It’s that kind of thing that keeps photography fresh for me. Since it isn’t far from my property, I might have to check it out next summer!

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