Foggy Farm

I’ve driven past this farm multiple times, since it’s not too far from my place. I finally found the right conditions to photograph it.

This came toward the end of a window of clarity on an otherwise foggy day. Three statute miles is the minimum safe visibility distance, and after this things really closed in. But that’s okay: I was already driving home by that point.

Nice garage. It’s even got a stove! I love old buildings like this one. It seems to have weathered the years pretty well, too.

Note how there’s still green grass now that all of that deep snow has melted. This has been a strange autumn going into winter.

I’ve had really good luck with barns lately. This was a spectacular specimen, and these were the perfect conditions for capturing it. I’ve passed on this barn many times because the light didn’t do it justice. The diffused light from the fog on this day finally gave me exactly what I needed, and I was there when it counted.

With this farmstead captured for immortality, and fog starting to settle in, it was time to point the truck home and celebrate. I’d just purchased some new tires for my truck to replace the atrocious Cooper tires I’ve been struggling with for the past few winters, and they performed admirably. What a successful trip, and I’m glad I can share the fruits thereof!

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