Successful trip

old_equipment_29309I’ve tried not to lament too loudly that recent circumstances had prevented me from doing much, if any, photography.  Believe me, it has been very frustrating.  Well, I got the chance to take my littlest boy, stuff him in the pickup with my cameras, and roam some back roads for a while over Memorial Day.  This is my favorite result so far.

I have a saying that if I bring back just one good photo from any excursion, it’s been a successful trip.  Most have been successful, some have been bonanzas, but all have been necessary therapy.  I enjoy exploring North Dakota and capturing it in digital images.  In the case of Monday’s trip, I had some blessed time with my little guy, I got a bunch of photos I think I’ll like once I process them, and I brought home this one that was truly exciting.

I’m thankful for a successful trip.  I needed this.

One thought on “Successful trip

  1. Atta boy, C. I don’t know what’s going on, nor is it my business, but it’s nice to see you back in action.

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