A different kind of wake

I haven’t posted in a long time, but I have had plenty of photos to share. One batch is of this boat, just hanging out in the middle of a field along Interstate 94.

It doesn’t appear to be on a trailer at all…it’s just chilling – literally, since it’s winter – in the middle of a field in western North Dakota. Rad. I couldn’t help but notice how the blown and drifted snow had the look of waves to it. It turns out solid water can resemble liquid water pretty well!

Here’s proof from above: The boat left a wake in the drifted snow, just like it would have left in a typical waterway! Instead of the boat slicing a wake through the liquid water as it moved, the solid water was deposited in wake-like fashion by the wind as the boat remained stationary.

This effect is quite pronounced from the ground, as well, and accented by the hard shadows provided by winter light. Normally the sun staying close to the horizon is a bother, due to these types of shadows, but when I actually want the definition they provide I’m glad the shadows are there.

The boat itself is pretty cool. Its setting is neat, noteworthy, and photographically interesting. The drifted snow was a total bonus, something I wasn’t expecting when I rolled up to take a few shots.

Doesn’t it make you want to hitch up your skis – in this case, alpine skis – and ride the wave? Such a cool phenomenon, one which wouldn’t normally come to mind but which makes perfect sense to anyone who’s spent much time around snow. I’m glad I was able to pull in and capture it!

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