Cell phone photo stream part 3

Waiting to fly home from either Albuquerque or Vegas, I can’t remember which. They were both grueling (but rewarding) video shoots.

Missouri River, anyone?

The view from atop the North Dakota State Capitol. This is from the 18th floor but I’ve shot from the roof a couple of times, too.

I had so much fun unloading these steel beams, but it was STRESSFUL! At times I had stacks of five or six beams on the forks. It was both fun and terrifying to lift those huge chunks of steel and try not to drop any. We unloaded SIX trucks full of steel without incident. Bobcat makes an amazing machine.

The missile control panel of a Minuteman I launch control facility.

I spotted this parked near north 9th Street. Pretty neat, huh? It’s made by a company called Aquajet.

My one year old, sportin’ a pair of Daddy’s sunglasses while out on an adventure with me in the truck.

The communications panel of a Minuteman III launch control facility.

Yep, I just reposted this picture earlier. It’s a “government fix” at the federal building on 3rd and Rosser.

The Bismarck-Mandan Symphony performed for the Independence Day celebration festivities at the ND State Capitol. One of my photos of this event with my “real” camera was a winner in the Governor’s Photo Contest this year.

I don’t consider myself an old person, but I remember rotary phones. I became a teenageer in the early 1980s, when technology really started to take off. In just the short time of my teens I saw the Walkman, the cordless phone, the CD player, the cellular phone, and many other inventions become reality. Now I’ve got a phone the size of a Snickers bar that can take amazing photos and send them to whomever I choose. Ain’t technology grand? Of course, I’m still waiting for my flying car.

Cell phone photo stream part 2

Bold Witness. This driver has Bible verses all over the truck. I didn’t look, but I suspect even the top of the trailer declares the gospel!

Someone had the right idea, setting up this old chair beneath the lone tree up along Promontory Point in north Bismarck. It’s a perfect vantage point for sunset viewing. The chair has since been removed.

Classic sodas on sale at Mac’s Hardware on south 26th Street.

Norwegian Pride on display at the Kirkwood Mall. Ole Wan Kenobi?

Another fresh batch of magazines for the AR-15 arrived, ready to get stuffed full of ammunition. They’ve got plenty of company.

Slugbug. Slugbug. Slugbug. Slugbug. Slugbug. Slugbug. No slugbacks!

Waiting for the first (west) span of the old Liberty Memorial Bridge to go BOOM. Cappuccino from the B&J Tesoro on 6th Street helped keep things warm.

I didn’t know the First Lady was in town, but I recognized this plane from all the way over on University Drive.

Of all the times to be walking out on the sandbar. This was a very fast moving cell. My wife and I were able to walk back to the truck, however, before the rain came upon us because we were on the south edge of the storm.

This church is one of about three or four deserted buildings that make up the ghost town of Arena, North Dakota. It sits to the northeast of the Bismarck-Mandan area.

Cell phone photo stream part 1

I back up the little card in my cell phone regularly, as with my wife’s phone (and my GPS, and everything else). I had a lot of neat photos in there, so I figured I’d share a bunch of them.

Spotted back behind St. Alexius Medical Center, near the Emergency Room entrance. I used to be a frequent flyer there back in my extreme sports days. I always had a regular bed, the one along the east wall by the phone. They spelled “toweth” wrong.

My camera all set up to take a time lapse of bugs climbing all over my polarizer filter (oh yeah, and a wind turbine being assembled).

I spotted this miniature dragster in Mandan.

I went out riding after church one evening and took a brief opportunity to look up something in my Bible. I have some friends who are going through quite a setback with their little baby and I needed to seek some answers as I watch them going through it.

One reason why I quit racing, although I’m not saying I won’t start up again someday. No, this isn’t my wheel. It was sent to me by a racing pal.

Ah, the river at sunset.

Finishing up with sunrise photos at the old Occident elevator at Almont. I left a tripod in the shot for my friend Watson (inside joke).

I spotted this mongrel on the Minot Air Force Base. Note the old front end on the truck with the newer model back end and tail gate.

This is the foot bridge across Hay Creek (I believe) at the Game & Fish OWLS site in east Bismarck, beside the NDG&F office.

Two key tools in getting neat photos of rural North Dakota: knobby tires and a good GPS loaded with trail maps and section line roads.

Lots more to come…