Fall colors, part deux

I actually, without even realizing it, have had a very fruitful autumn photo season. I posted a few shots yesterday, and here is the second installment.

I liked this assortment of color, found at McDowell Dam on Wednesday afternoon. A little bit of everything, except one color is obscured somewhat…

…which is why you take the shot from another angle. I’m not exactly sure which of these two I like best yet.  Leaning toward this second one.

Here’s a nice row of golds and reds, with very little green remaining anywhere but on the grass.  I love the reds, maybe because they’re less common out where I tend to roam.  They’re typically part of somebody’s landscaping.


Here’s the other angle of that scoria road I mentioned yesterday.  I actually took the time to process this one, instead of just posting the raw of the other angle.  This, too, is one of those shots where I can’t decide which angle I like best.


Here’s yesterday’s shot with the same color treatment.  I like the tree being close and larger, but now you don’t see the hills in the background on the left.   Hm…

Yes, I have more…but that’s all for now.  I hope to share a few more tomorrow. 🙂