You could poke an eye out with that thing

I stumbled upon this leaning barn over a month ago.  In fact, I’d forgotten I had these photos of it!  It sure was cool, though.  I’m always worried when I see barns like this, as photogenic as they are.  With such a lean, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be standing for long.


Here’s how the lean has progressed.  It’s obvious things are well on their way.  The other side of the roof is missing in places.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


The barn is part of a really picturesque Fallen Farm that I flew over southeast of Bismarck.  I was so focused on the barn that I almost forgot to look around.


There were some other cool buildings in the area, but I only had so much time and battery – and my fingers were getting cold.  Despite the limited flight time I was able to come away with some pretty neat pics!

You left your stools, I bet they were cold to sit on

These ice blocks caught my friend Rich’s eye before they caught mine.  Thanks to him, I was able to pay them a visit after work today.  They sit in a conspicuous location, but I can only guess how they got there.


When I first arrived, I was afraid I wouldn’t have the skies I wanted.  And, while it’s true that the clouds overhead didn’t have any of the brilliant oranges blocked by clouds on the horizon, I still had some sweet clouds to work with.


Bonus: I caught some of that color shining through the ice blocks.  I had to get to church, so I took off at the last possible moment…but I have a suspicion that going back with some different skies might yield an exciting result!