Hopefully the last snowy post of the season

On a very white, overcast day recently I decided to pay a visit to an old friend, a house that I’ve liked to check in on frequently that isn’t too far from my property.  I took the opportunity to explore a few new angles, as I had some drone batteries I needed to run down to 50%.


Since it’s already April, the bleak winter scenes are losing some of their appeal, but I was totally into it back when I flew to these shots.  Sometimes in the winter you get days where the air is just heavy – it’s like the entire outdoors is one giant soundproof room.  I love days like that.  They remind me of growing up in the Rockies where the mountains and their thick blanket of snow seem to absorb all the sound.  It’s so serene.


Of course, there was nothing serene about my propeller noise, but I did manage to enjoy the day anyway.  Coming home with some nice pictures to play with in Photoshop didn’t hurt, either!

Now I hope we can get to some green photos as quickly as possible.  With the snow gone, we’re left with brown grass and leafless trees.  This is why I prefer autumn in North Dakota to the spring; the weather is about the same, but in the fall we have green whereas in spring we’re stuck with brown.  Regardless, I look forward to the turning of the season.  It can’t happen quickly enough!

(Updated) This is about how bleak I feel right now

Well, actually this photo has more color than it should if I want it to convey my frustration with this continued wintery weather.  I should be riding motorcycles to work and doing all kinds of other fun Spring things, and I’m craving some green vegetation as well.  Now I hear there’s a chance for another winter storm next weekend…well, that’s just fantastic.

Well, you know what?  In that case, let’s make it a MONSTER.  I’m talking Spring 1997.  If we have to put up with this kind of meteorological nonsense, then let’s go all-in.  I want ten feet of snow, delivered sideways.  In fact, I dare Mother Nature (whom I don’t believe in) to hit me with your best shot.  Yeah, that’s right…a Pat Benatar reference.  Bring it.

(UPDATE): There will be no winter storm in the Bismarck-Mandan area.  How do I know?  Simple…I stretched the main belt in my snowblower last weekend, and had to spend a ridiculous amount to get new belts (one replacement, one spare) shipped here before the upcoming weekend and predicted storm.  As soon as I did that, the forecast models began nudging the area of heaviest snow southward.  If I just run out and by a sled we’ll be totally in the clear.  Maybe I should set up a GoFundMe…?

Old glory

I love when I spot something like this.  The Stars and Stripes.  Old Glory.  The colors.  I’m proud of my country, and I love seeing patriotism on display wherever I go.  I think it’s something we take for granted here in North Dakota.  Thankfully I don’t live in a place where people claim the flag stands for anything other than the greatest country on earth.

Blue cross (no blue shield found nearby)

Conditions were just right when I passed this old prairie church, giving me a cool (literally) look around the place.  While I didn’t catch any of that wonderful sunrise or sunset light that typically flatters an old abandoned prairie place, I did get color of a different sort.  One can arrange to go inside this old church, but I was just passing through and didn’t have the time.  Maybe on another journey…