We now interrupt the frost for a pair of Parhelion photos

I was out early this morning and spotted some sundogs, so after running my errands I decided to roam around in the cold for a bit and capture them with my camera. It’s been a while since I’ve done any photography, so I’ve resolved to take any opportunities which present themselves.

I decided to find a solitary tree or two for some perspective and shadows. Thankfully, I quickly found a pair.

I like this tree better, but I kinda wish I’d framed a little wider to see if there was still a sundog above. Oh well…it’s still like -16F outside, so there’s no way I’m heading back out there. Even though photos like this are where I live “where the air hurts my face.”

Cold as ice

Cold as Rime Ice, that is…although I’m still going to call it frost. I actually predicted it, this time: I knew the weather conditions the night before, I’d decided that they were going to be perfect for this sort of development, and I was one hundred percent accurate the following morning.

When I first ventured out into the yard, I was astonished. I knew we were going to have an event in the morning, but in no way did I expect things to be so absolutely spectacular!

I don’t want to get into a measuring contest of any sort, but check this out! These are some pretty impressive spikes!

I also knew it was going to be cold outside when I wanted to go out and get these shots. Ya know what? It was worth it.

I’ve taken a few photos of this sort of phenomenon before, but only once have I gotten the really spiky type of ice crystals. And even then, they were nothing like this.

Naturally, I had to start close to home. There was just so much cool stuff! I knew I’d have a gold mine with the barbed wire, so I decided to check out some other surfaces around the place first.

It’s nice when you don’t even have to leave your deck in order to find an awesome photo! That made it easier to dart inside and warm up frequently.

X marks the spot. Over the next few days, I picked a lot of spots. I took a plethora of photos, too. I plan to group them into some awesome blog posts to share, too! So hang on, it’s gonna be like the good ol’ days when I used to post on this blog more frequently! At least for a while…