Blown sideways

I spotted this Morton County windmill while chasing down something on one of my “lists” of potential photo opportunities, and I had to stop to take a look.

I’ve chased more windmills than Don Quixote since I got into photography as a hobby, and each one has its own character. This is particular true of the gnarly ones.

I love the curvature of this one along with the fact that the head reminds me of when my mohawk would lose its integrity and start to fall over! That was a long time ago, though…I don’t think I’ll do the mohawk thing again.

Isn’t this some magnificent geometry, tragic though it may be? I love the old windmills, and I’ve got even more of them to share before I run out of summer and autumn photos to post. Stay tuned.

What’s up, dock?

I forgot to post this photo from the October trip I took to the wreckage of the Abner O’Neal. After I was done shooting I headed back to the Steckel boat landing. I met a couple of girls along the way who were going to hike – barefoot, mind you – the half mile down to the site. I pointed out that it was private property (I have permission), it was a long and rocky hike, and that the sun was going down, so they decided to turn around and head back.

Once we got back to the boat area, I put the drone on the dock and showed them all the close-up photos I’d taken. They provide a far better view than even the closest shoreline vantage, anyway. We all agreed that the Abner is pretty cool, then parted ways as the sun began to set. I snapped this photo from the drone even though the rotors weren’t even turning, and it was a perfect way to cap off the evening.